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Arm Exercises

Standing Dumbbell Reverse Curl

The standing dumbbell reverse curl strengthens the upper body. Below are instructions on how to execute this workout properly to achieve the maximum results:Standing straight, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Have feet shoulder-width apart and arms fully extended. This is your starting position.Without moving your elbow, curl the weights towards your shoulders.Squeeze and hold […]

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Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

In order to perform this movement safely, be sure to choose an appropriate weight and maintain good form throughout the movement.Starting position: standing with feet about shoulder width apart, core engaged, arms extended overhead, wrists straight and grasping the dumbbell firmly.Slowly bend your elbows so that the dumbbell lowers behind your head, keeping your upper […]

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Dumbbell Incline Inner Biceps Curl

The inner bicep curl is an arm exercise that works an often-underused muscle group to create a more evenly toned appearance. Follow the steps below to maximize your results:Lie back on an incline benchStart with your arms fully extended, holding the dumbbells with your your palms facing upBreathe out as you curl the weight out […]

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Dumbbell Floor Press

The dumbbell floor press is a resistance training exercise that targets the triceps brachii and pectoralis major muscles as well as the trapezius, deltoid and back muscle. It’s performed in a similar manner as a barbell bench press but with a few nuances. To perform a dumbbell floor press correctly, refer to the following steps.Lie […]

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Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Despite its name, this exercise doesn’t just work your triceps. If you do it properly, you will also target your biceps and shoulder muscles. Follow the steps below to get the most out of this workout:Start by lying back on a flat benchHold the dumbbells with your palms facing towards each other and your arms […]

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Dumbbell Tate Press

The Dumbbell Tate Press works your arms. Below are the steps needed to properly perform one.Lie on a flat bench with your chest up, shoulders back, and abs tight.With your palms facing your feet and your arms straight, hold the dumbbells above your shoulders. This will be your start position.Keeping your elbows pointed to the […]

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Dumbbell Incline Hammer Curls

How to do Dumbbell Incline Hammer Curls:You will start with a bench that is adjusted to a 45-degree inclineSit on the bench with your feet firmly on the floorAllow your arms to hang naturally, with weights in both handsBegin to raise both of your hands together, bending at the elbow with palms facing youStop when […]

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