Hamstrings Legs

Dumbbell Clean

The dumbbell clean is an exercise that works your hamstrings & arms. To ensure that a dumbbell clean is performed properly to maximize muscle growth as well as to prevent injury, you must have proper form and technique. Below are the steps detailing how this workout should be executed. Push glutes back Stand tall and […]

Back Trapezius Exercises

Dumbbell Shrug

The dumbbell shrug is a shoulder exercise. To make certain that this workout is being performed properly, form and technique are critical. Follow the four steps below to correctly execute a dumbbell shrug. A dumbbell in each hand and arms extended to your side, stand tall. Exhaling and elevating your shoulders as high as you […]

Back Middle Back

Dumbbell Middle Back Shrug

The dumbbell middle back shrug works out your arms & middle back. Below are the steps detailing how to perform this exercise. With a dumbbell in each hand, lay chest-down on an incline bench with palms facing inward. Keep arms slightly extended and elbows slightly bent. This will be your initial position. Keep arms slightly […]

Arms Forearm Exercises

Palms Up Dumbbell Wrist Curl Over A Bench

To begin, grab your dumbbells and kneel down so your body is facing the bench. With your palms facing up, begin curling your wrists upwards making sure your forearms never leave the bench. The only body parts that should be moving during this exercise are your wrists. Lower your wrists back down so they’re hanging […]


Dumbbell Side Bend

The Dumbbell Side Bend is an ab workout. There is a way to do this exercise properly that will help you to avoid injury and maximize your workout results. Below are detailed steps to ensure you have proper form and body movements. Holding the dumbbell in your left hand, stand with feet shoulder-width apart Bring […]


Alternating Dumbbells Deltoid Raise

The Alternating Dumbbells Deltoid Raises strengthens your arm muscles. There is a way to properly perform this exercise to obtain maximum muscular growth while preventing injury. Below are the steps necessary to correctly perform the alternating dumbbells deltoid raise. Stand and hold a pair of dumbbells at your side Slightly bend your elbows then lift […]